Warehousing company
Warehousing Company

Integra Logistics System offers their clients warehousing solutions including fully integrated systems, staff, local transportation, MHE and more. It has become common practice utilising storage and space without the pressures of the cost and set-ups which are associated, we allow our clients to gain easy access to process orders and distribute products quickly and cost effectively through the channels that we offer for peace of mind and practicality of their operations. Having access to well-maintained vehicles with multipurpose capacities up to 13 Tonne gives you the right solution at the right time for all your business or personal needs.

All aspects of warehousing activities are provided including inventory management, worldwide packing and moving of personal effects, WMS, stock control, climate control, security, re-packs, order processing and container stuffing services.

  • Stock control and security.
  • Order Processing and management.
  • Inventory management services.
  • Cross docking services
  • Temporary & Permanent storage facility
  • Picking, packing and labelling process.
  • Re-pack and container stuffing.
  • Dangerous goods storage and handling
  • Perishable cargo handling & storage service
  • Long term and short term storage solutions.
  • Airport and seaport transit shipment storage services.

To conclude, warehousing is in great demand with shared space as the preferred option in a lot of cases. Our clients’ demand is a tailor-made solution for their business, the key to any business model where warehousing solutions are a must, is that the 3rd party involvement is sourced in the early stages to fully benefit and assist with the finer detail. This adds value, saving time and money in the process. Doing it right first time is a core value of Integra Logistics System.

Through a network of international and national partners, we can design, set up, build, manage and implement a fully established and global process tailored to our clients that involves trucking, airfreight and ocean solutions. We guarantee delivery in the most effective and efficient manner providing direct access to major airports and airlines.